Deloitte makes impact on veterans entering LA workforce

With help from Deloitte’s strategy and operations expertise, members of the Los Angeles Veterans Collaborative fine-tuned veteran employment goals and strategies to help veterans transition into meaningful careers as part of Deloitte’s annual Impact Day earlier this month.

Veterans face unique challenges when seeking employment.

First, the LA workforce is changing. Industries such as health care, professional services and retail trade are growing at a rapid rate. For many veterans, being a competitive job candidate means retraining, a college education and even advanced degrees. Second, employers may be unaware of the various benefits of hiring veterans including tax incentives. Lastly, there are […]

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Military children enjoy event in their honor

On Sunday, April 17, the Los Angeles Veterans Collaborative held the third annual celebration of military-connected children at the Los Angeles Public Library.

April, Month of the Military Child brought children and families from across the area together to participate in numerous activities at the Central Library in downtown Los Angeles. The collaborative’s Families & Children working group, in partnership with Mindful Warrior Project, organized the event.

The children were able to get their faces painted and enjoy music, art activities, drumming circle and literacy games. They were given as many books and toys as they could carry. Several families while posing at the […]

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