Families & Children Working Group

The Families & Children Working Group is made up of spouses, adult children of military families, pediatric nurses, social workers and family advocates. The working group focuses on heightening awareness and impacting policy related to the concerns and needs of military-affiliated (connected) children and their families, with particular attention on solving challenges facing Guard and Reserve families not fully accessing resources within the military service delivery system.

Soldier and Family Readiness Liaison
79th Theater Support Command


FELICIA WEAVER-ALI is a Family Readiness Liaison at the United States Department of Defense.  She also serves as the West Coast Representative to a leading advocacy group in Washington, D.C., where she advocates on Capitol Hill for improved policy and benefits for veterans and military families.  Weaver-Ali started her military career in 1985.  While in service, Weaver-Ali worked with several human rights organizations including the ACLU, Equal Justice Initiative, and the Innocence Project.

  • Military Child Student Identifier: Successfully amended the Los Angeles Unified School District’s student emergency information forms to include questions that will identify a student’s military-connected status. This information will assist the district in better providing resources and support to these students and their families
  • Educator’s Toolkit: Developed educator toolkit that will support and inform local district administrative staff, principals, school support staff, teachers and parents in understanding the needs of military-connected students and their families.
  • Keck School of Medicine of USC Partnership: Organized ongoing ‘Military Families & Children’ seminar series at the Keck School of Medicine of USC with guest lecturers to provide a heightened awareness among first and second year students on providing specialized care for military families.

A goal sheet is a record of each working group’s various goals and ongoing projects.

Families & Children’s overall goal is to provide better resources and care for military children and families across the Los Angeles County.

Download latest Families & Children Goal Sheet.

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