Career Advancement Working Group

The Career Advancement Working Group consists of job centers, work source centers, HR professionals, veteran employment training programs, corporations, VA vocational rehab representatives and individuals looking to hire veterans. This working group has sought to educate employers, develop best practices for service providers and work to identify veterans in need of meaningful employment.

Salvation Army Haven


LISA ANDERSON is the veterans employment services manager at The Salvation Army Haven. She has a background in management and education/counseling, and more than 20 years of leadership experience in human services with such skills as employee development and training, project management and occupational counseling. Anderson established the Veterans Employment Services Program at Salvation Army Haven that now assists more than 450 veterans every year.

MAGGIE CUTLER is a Business Development Associate at U.S. VETS.  She manages a complex network of community partners, training entities and employers in engineering, healthcare, information technology and other fields to ensure the successful transition of veterans into the Los Angeles work force. Cutler also plans and implements events and training for the U.S. VETS Career Network. She previously worked as a wellness specialist in an Army Hospital Wellness Center and as an employer relationship manager with the Career Network. Cutler is a graduate of the University of Southern California Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work.

  • Employer Survey: Developed and conducted an employer survey that aimed to identify needs of employers that could inform better intervention strategies to fill gaps between service providers and veterans.
  • Resource List: Identified and compiled a comprehensive list of employment resources within active working group members. This list established each organization, the number of veterans served, their geographical location, and the type of services provided to them.
  • Employment Resource Factsheet: Created a factsheet that provides veterans in Los Angeles County with key information to find the correct employment resource for their skillset, education level and experience.

A goal sheet is a record of each working group’s various goals and ongoing projects.

Career Advancement’s overall goal is to use findings from the Los Angeles County Veterans Study to solve employment-related issues such as:

  • Improving the image of veteran talent among employers,
  • Providing veterans with access to career assistance services, and
  • Identifying veteran talent residing in and transitioning to LA.
Download latest Career Advancement Goal Sheet.

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