Los Angeles Veterans Collaborative

The USC Center for Innovation and Research on Veterans & Military Families administers the Los Angeles Veterans Collaborative, which comprises community stakeholders and representatives from organizations serving veterans and military families in the Los Angeles area. Founded at New Directions in February 2010, and now at CIR since March 2012, the members of the LA Veterans Collaborative gather to discuss the issues affecting local veterans and to coordinate the resolution of gaps in service or needed policy changes they identify through the collaborative’s working groups. Each working group is focused on a particular issue area regarding veterans.

New to the Collaborative?

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Working Groups

Behavioral Health Working Group

The Behavioral Health working group consisted of agencies, social workers, family therapists, and practitioners who provide behavioral health support to Veterans and their families throughout Los Angeles. The working group is centered on identifying the unique needs and challenges veterans have for accessing behavioral healthcare as well as identifying best practices for veteran treatment.

CO-CHAIR: CPT Michael Franc, PsyD,  Joint Forces Training Base
CO-CHAIR: Val Reyes, Del Almo Hospital, Veterans Program

Career Advancement Working Group

The Career Advancement working group consists of America’s job centers, work source centers, HR professionals, veteran employments training programs, corporations, VA vocational rehab representatives and individuals looking to hire veterans. This working group has sought to educate employers, develop best practices for service providers and work to identify veteran in need of meaningful employment.

CO-CHAIR: Lisa Anderson, Salvation Army
CO-CHAIR: Peter (P.J.) Stigers, MSW, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Community Care

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Families & Children Working Group

The Family and Children working group is made up of spouses, adult children of military families, pediatric nurses, social workers and family advocates. The working group focuses on heightening awareness and impacting policy related to the concerns and needs of military affiliated (connected) children and their families, with particular attention on solving challenges facing families of the Guard and Reserve not fully accessing resources within the military service delivery system.

CHAIR: Deborah Hayes, PsyD, LCSW, MPH, Adjunct Professor, USC School of Social Work

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Healthcare Working Group

CHAIR: William N “Guy” McCloud, MHA, FACHE, VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System

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Higher Education Working Group

The Higher Education working group consists of representative certifying officials, admission coordinators and Veteran Resource Center contacts from community colleges, trade schools, and universities across LA County. This working group has strived to develop and share best practices with schools, share resources and develop an agenda of working items that can drive a better educational experience for veterans in Los Angeles.

CO-CHAIR: Kookie Murray, Los Angeles Trade Technical College
CO-CHAIR: Emily Ives, UCLA

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Housing & Homelessness Working Group

This working group consists of VA contracted agencies, housing authorities, individual non-profits, and organizations working with homeless veterans. With literally thousands of Veterans sleeping on the streets of Los Angeles and hundreds of agencies working with homeless vets throughout the county, this group works to solve systemic issues, pass legislature and educate and rally providers toward more coordination and better

CO-CHAIR: Hillary R. Evans, New Directions, Inc.
CO-CHAIR: Steve Renahan, Shelter Partnership, Inc.

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Legal & Re-Entry Working Group

The Legal and Re-entry working group consists of lawyers, legal professionals, policy makers, public counsel, Veteran Affairs legal teams and .The working group focuses on policy objectives, education, identifying laws affecting veterans and service delivery, building capacity with legal professionals to work with Veteran clients in Los Angeles as well as organizing to solve large scale legal barriers facing veterans with criminal or legal issues.

CO-CHAIR: Jodi Galvin, Armed Forces Committee, Los Angeles Bar Association
CO-CHAIR: Maj. Dwight Stirling, J.D., M.A., Veterans Legal Institute

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Faith-Based Working Group

The Faith Based working group consists of chaplains, Rabbi’s, clergy and pastors who seek to learn, educate and share best practices for working with veterans and military families in their respective communities. The Faith Based working group is particularly interesting because it is not merely centered around a need, but also encompasses communities already working with Veterans. Many of the Faith Based members work together in other working groups.

CHAIR: Pastor Kelvin Sauls, Holman United Methodist Church

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Collaborative Meetings

***NEW Location***

The Los Angeles Veterans Collaborative meets the second Wednesday of every month. The collaborative will meet at a NEW location at the Radisson Midtown at USC, 3540 S. Figueroa St. If you are interested in attending a meeting, joining the collaborative mailing list or a specific Working Group mailing list, please contact Nathan Graeser at graeser@usc.edu

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, Feb. 10. To RSVP, click here.

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