Los Angeles Veterans Collaborative

The USC Center for Innovation and Research on Veterans & Military Families administers the Los Angeles Veterans Collaborative, comprising hundreds of community stakeholders, agencies and representatives serving veterans and military families in Greater Los Angeles. Founded at New Directions in February 2010, and now at CIR since March 2012, this collective-impact approach is the lynchpin and mechanism for social change and innovation across veteran sectors in Los Angeles. Collaborative stakeholders gather on a monthly basis, organized through working groups, to address the systemic problems that affect the well-being of veterans and military families in Los Angeles County.


The Los Angeles Veterans Collaborative is a structured network of public, private and government agencies working together to reduce suffering and improve the lives of veterans, service members and military families in LA County. This is achieved through strategically improving their access to services, reducing barriers and coordinating care, and influencing policy to improve their lives.


Veterans living in Los Angeles County will know where to access the services and care they need for a successful transition from military to civilian life. A comprehensive and coordinated system will welcome, introduce, and connect service members, veterans and their families to a seamless infrastructure of resources to fully address their needs.


Gisele Corletto, MSW
Project Specialist

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