sexual dysfunction

Training providers on sex and intimacy issues facing military personnel

by Claudia Bustamante

Recent research by the USC School of Social Work has found that even though sexual functioning problems are significantly higher among military service members than civilians, very few are receiving treatment.

These problems, which are strongly related to the physical and psychological health of service members, are often overlooked by both military populations and clinicians, making it yet another invisible wound of war.

To help address this gap between the needs and services provided, the Center for Innovation and Research on Veterans & Military Families held a conference Feb. 13, where it unveiled a toolkit to help bring awareness to […]

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New study finds young military men report more sexual dysfunction than civilians

by Claudia Bustamante

Even among a relatively healthy and young population, sexual functioning problems, including erectile dysfunction, are higher among military service members than civilians, according to a new University of Southern California study.

Thirty-three percent of male military service members aged 21 – 40 reported erectile dysfunction, a rate that is more than three times that of similarly aged civilians. Those with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) were 30 times more likely to report erectile dysfunction and six times more likely to report such sexual functioning problems as low sex drive, arousal and ability to reach orgasm.

Published in the Journal of Sexual […]

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