Gallery: Social Work professors discuss new veteran supports

On Saturday, April 18, Clinical Associate Professor Kimberly Finney moderated a panel discussion on how to better support veterans’ mental health, looking at new approaches drawn from scholarship and clinical experience. Held during the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, “Coming Home: New Approaches to Supporting Our Veterans” also included Clinical Associate Professor Eugenia Weiss, co-editor of Supporting Veterans in Higher Education: A Primer for Administrators, Faculty and Advisors, and Clinical Assistant Professor Kristen Zaleski, whose new book, Rape and Roll Call: Understanding and Treating Military Sexual Trauma, focuses on the epidemic of sexual violence in the military.

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Military spouse turns VA frustration into MSW pursuit to help others

by Claudia Bustamante

As the wife of a disabled veteran, Krystal Lerner knows first-hand the struggles many veterans face and the impact that can have on those closest to them.

Lerner remembers the frustration she personally experienced going through the Veterans Affairs system trying to get her husband connected with services.

“I made three pages worth of phone calls to people, and everyone kept referring me to someone else,” she said.

Lerner had the time to devote to helping her husband, but the experience made her think about others who might not have the same support systems. “There are so many barriers that would […]

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