Annual gift that comes from the heart

By Maya Meinert

As a child, Chuck Spielman would listen to his father’s friends tell stories of their experiences in World War II, enthralled by the men’s tales of everything from traveling through Europe to living on the frontlines.

“I was fascinated by the age of 5,” he said. “The stories of men and women who would leave civilian life willingly and fight for their countries fascinated me.”

This interest turned out to be lifelong, following him through high school — where his World War II colonel-turned-social studies teacher passed around rocks from the beaches of Normandy — and college. Spielman has now […]

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Family tradition of helping veterans continues

by Claudia Bustamante

Pamela and Mark Mischel have been involved with the USC School of Social Work for over a decade—first as proud parents and now as one of the school’s first supporters of the Yellow Ribbon Scholarship Fund.

“Even though we don’t have any direct experience with the military, these issues are very near and dear to our hearts,” said Pamela, who also sits on the school’s Board of Councilors.

“These young men and women have given so much, and we want to do our small part to be able to help,” Mark said.

Already early donors to the school’s military social work […]

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