Eyal Fruchter, USC visiting scholar

Since last summer, the USC School of Social Work has benefited from the expertise of Eyal Fruchter, a colonel and former head of the Israel Defense Forces mental health division. The visiting scholar is focusing his yearlong tenure on research and training.

Starting in February, Fruchter will launch a mentoring group of military mental health officers and clinicians. This group is an extension of work that has been on-going in Israel for decades with success.

The world of a mental health officer can be fairly isolated. You must make individual decisions about a service member’s mental health on a case-by-case basis. Often, these situations can benefit from consultation with a group of colleagues.

Beginning Feb. 23, Fruchter will hold regular biweekly online meetings. The meetings will last about 90 minutes, giving participants ample time to discuss actual cases, diagnoses, treatments and any other questions that may arise.

Meetings will be held on:
Mondays, 5pm ET/2pm PT
Fridays, 9pm ET/6pm PT

If you are interested in participating or have any further questions, may email Fruchter directly at . Ask to join the private LinkedIn group for updates and how to access upcoming meetings.

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